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Creating an unique Online Store for JG Jewelry

Web shop

Creating a unique and elegant online store and migrating all products from Etsy to WordPress. It was necessary to create a unique design that is in accordance with the already established JG Jewelry brand style, using clean coding and enabling online payment.

Main goal
Creating an online store in the client’s style with a payment system and user profile.
A secure, fast, and technically SEO-optimized online store with integration for online payment.
Approximate price
The price of such an application ranges from 1,600 – 2,400 euros depending on the complexity and requirements.
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Online store goal and initial requirements

The initial goal of this online store was to provide users with a secure purchase with a clear user profile where they could track their orders, but also pay by credit card, PayPal account, and directly through the bank.

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Biggest challenges when creating an online store

  1. Create a unique design that is in line with the already established JG Jewelry brand style;
  2. Migrating products from Etsy to WordPress;
  3. Creating a clear user profile for tracking orders;
  4. Optimizing the online store for better performance and speed;
  5. Implementing a payment system using credit cards, PayPal accounts, and direct bank transfers.
  6. Compliance with GDPR standards, with blocking JavaScript files until visitors accept cookie consent.

What has been done

Complete online store with user profile and payment system.

Unique design

A unique design has been created based on the JG Jewelry brand and client requirements.

Payment system integration

In addition to the classic payment integration via bank and card, payment integration via PayPal account has also been implemented.

Newsletter signup

We have also set up a system for sending newsletters to the client and forms on the site for subscribing to the newsletter.

Security enhancement

In addition to installing an SSL certificate, the latest security measures have been implemented to ensure the security of user data and protect the site from hacker attacks.

Loading speed improvement

Online store optimization through file minification, image compression, and caching to further improve loading speed and performance.


Serious and SEO-optimized online store

JG Jewelry now has a serious, fast, optimized, and SEO-ready online store that is in line with the company’s style.

Provides a secure purchase

In addition to standard security settings, additional security measures have been implemented for the safety of buyers.

Aligned with the client’s style

The design of the online store has been done in a well-recognized client style.
JG - Naredni koraci

Next steps

  1. Monitor web shop performance and analyze visitors to identify potential problems or opportunities for further improvement.
  2. Develop new functionalities that will further enhance the user experience and meet the needs of the client.
  3. Continuous maintenance to ensure stability, security, and optimal speed.
  4. Implement marketing activities to increase the visibility of the web shop and attract new users.

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